The DJ apologises unreservedly to Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay after branding him "a drug-crazed fool"...

DJ CHRIS EVANS has apologised on-air to JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY after branding him “a drug-crazed fool”.

According to reports in the Daily Express newspaper today (March 7), Kay threatened legal action if he did not retract it.

The Virgin radio DJ had made the jibe last Friday (March 2) when talking about Jay Kay’s recent split from girlfriend Denise Van Outen.

Kay is reported yesterday to have said: “If I do not get an unreserved apology with him eating humble pie, we’re going to end up in court. He was supposed to be my mate, but he goes on his programme and tells the whole country I’m some drug-crazed lunatic. I am not. I’ve seen my lawyers about this.”

Evans responded yesterday (March 6): “Some days ago, I inferred that Jay Kay, the gifted, talented and much-acclaimed frontman of the hugely successful and popular pop combo Jamiroquai, was in some people’s opinion a drug-crazed fool. This has been misinterpreted as my opinion, though this is not the case and has never been the case. I have been asked to apologise unreservedly. This I am happy to do. As Jay has said in the past few days, we are mates. Even if he was a drug-crazed fool, you wouldn’t find me confessing to such a ridiculous statement and dropping him right in it. Jason is a pal. He knows this business is all twaddle, anyway. Once again, Jason, I apologise unreservedly. And I will also do my best to get your new song played on the radio as much as possible. I wish this huge hole would open up and swallow me deeper underground” – a reference to the band’s hit single ‘Deeper Underground’.