The band defy Westminster Council after they are asked to stop an impromptu show in central London...

Jamiroquai‘s JAY KAY ran into trouble with WESTMINSTER COUNCIL yesterday (May 29), after officials attempted to stop an impromptu show in LONDON.

The gig took place at Chez Gerard in Covent Garden, as part of BBC Music Live. The band were scheduled to play four songs live on Radio 1, but decided to continue their set.

A spokesperson for the band told “The band decided to do a full show, also playing while Jo Whiley played records on air. A chap with a noise meter came up to Jay, telling him to come offstage. They managed to play for about another half-an-hour after that, by blending two songs into one. The last song lasted about 15 minutes!”

However, Westminster Council rejected claims the show was pulled due to noise pollution, instead citing the fact the show had gone on too long as the reason. A spokesperson said: “There were certain conditions on the gig in terms of time, and Jamiroquai overran their set by about 20 minutes, which is why we stepped in and had to sort it out.”

At the show, the band played an instrumental version of an as-yet-untitled new song. The band will now retreat into the studio and commence writing their new album, which is scheduled for release in Spring 2001.