Jamiroquai’s car wrecker jailed

Pastry chef jailed for 20 weeks after incident

An Aldeburgh-based pastry chef has been jailed for 20 weeks for vandalising Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay‘s Ferrari Enzo.

Aaron Billington received his sentence at Ipswich Crown Court today (April 16), with the jail stint including a penalty for failing to answer bail and leaving a bed and breakfast establishment and a restaurant without paying, reports BBC News.

The chef committed the vandalism crime on March 3, inflicting £9,000-worth of damage to the frontman’s vehicle after seeing Jay Kay enter his hotel room in Aldeburgh with two women, one of which Billington was said to have an emotional attachment to, the court heard.

Jay Kay had to pay a £10,000 excess for the insurance claim for his car, plus £370 to have it towed.