Janelle Monáe says five-year gap between albums was because of Prince’s death

The musician has focused more on acting since her 2013 album 'The Electric Lady'

Janelle Monáe has revealed her five-year gap between albums was due to Prince‘s death.

Prince featured on Monáe’s second solo album, ‘The Electric Lady’, and the pair became close before his unexpected death. 

Speaking to the New York Times Monáe said of the later star: “This was the person that I would literally call and talk to about sounds or: ‘How should I say this? Is this saying too much?’ I just never could imagine a time where I couldn’t pick up the phone or email him, and he’d contact me right back and we’d talk about all these things that I was unsure of.”

Monáe is preparing to release her new album ‘Dirty Computer’ later this month (April 27), which follows 2013’s ‘The Electric Lady‘. In the intervening time between records, she has appeared in films like Hidden Figures and Moonlight.

The album will be accompanied by a film that the NYT says “illustrates and complements” the music. Monáe described the 50-minute piece as an “emotion picture” that follows a young woman “on the run from an authoritarian government that hunts down so-called deviants and “cleans” them by erasing their memories”.

Monáe will play the woman central to the plot, while actor Tessa Thompson will play her love interest.

Four songs have already been released from ‘Dirty Computer’ – ‘Make Me Feel’, ‘Django Jane’, ‘I Like That‘, and ‘Pynk‘. The former reportedly features a synth line given to the musician by Prince.