Janelle Monaé shares new protest song ‘Say Her Name’

It aims to highlight the deaths of black women at the hands of US police

Janelle Monaé has shared a new song which aims to highlight the deaths of black women at the hands of police in the US.

The singer has teamed up with the African American Policy Forum and 15 other black women and activists for the track ‘Say Her Name’ which has been released ahead of International Daughter’s Day on Sunday (September 26). You can listen to the track below.

The 17-minute single also features a host of female artists including Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Zoë Kravitz and Brittany Howard.


It is named after the social movement founded by Kimberlé Crenshaw that “called attention to the black women who have died at the hands of US police”.

“This is a rally cry. We aim to give reverence to the countless black women and girls who should be with us today,” Monaé said.

“And to their mothers who have suffered this unbearable loss. They matter. Their names matter. Their stories matter. And justice needs to be served. May we all commit ourselves to protecting black women and girls and making systemic changes to protect our sisters from the abuse of power in the police force. Please join us and #SayHerName.”

Proceeds from the track, which is a follow up to her 2015 protest song ‘Hell You Talmbout‘, will go to the African American Policy Forum.

The body aims to “elevate the names and stories of black women, girls, and femmes who have too often been invisible victims of police violence”. You can donate to the cause here.


Meanwhile, earlier this summer Monaé shared new song ‘Stronger’, taken from the soundtrack to new Netflix show We The People, which has been produced by Barack and Michelle Obama.

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