Jane’s Addiction star directs porn film

Dave Navarro moves into the 'adult entertainment' industry

Former Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has directed his first adult movie.

The guitarist has teamed up with company Teravision to make ‘Broken’, which is due to be released in September.

The film stars actress Sasha Grey as “a woman torn apart by the duality of control and powerlessness in her life”.


The movie is the first in a planned series of celebrity-directed porn movies from Teravision.

Navarro conceptualised the movie with producer Sancho.

The star said: “I have always had an interest in film making and the visual arts, so when Teravision approached me about directing a film, it felt like a natural partnership.

“I have many friends in the adult entertainment industry, so I figured… what a great opportunity to work on a feature length project with people I already know.

“I have missed the sense of danger and edge in the music business for many years, and working on this project reminded me a lot of the old days when we were just a bunch of kids in Hollywood playing the clubs, getting our hands dirty and raising some eyebrows along the way.”

Navarro appears in the movie as himself, directing the action.


He said: “What happens is, the film breaks fantasy and goes back into reality and you’re actually on the set, so my interaction is mainly me giving Sasha direction. You might see me walk up to her and direct her where to go – when you see me interact in the film, it’s as a director.

Navarro added: “What’s most exciting about the opportunity was to literally get behind the camera and work in the direction field. If anything, there’s definitely an artistic flair and sensibility throughout the picture that might at times appear self-indulgent – I hope so!”

The rocker is personally supervising the soundtrack, although he is not contributing any of his own music to the project.

He told AVN: “We’re getting a great hard rock band with a female vocalist to score the movie. They do everything from super-heavy, hard metal to really ambient, hypnotic trance-electronic music.

“They cover a wide spectrum of emotion, much as the film does from scene to scene. Within the theme of female empowerment, to have a female vocalist fronting such a heavy band is appropriate.”