Guitarist Dave Navarro wants a follow-up to 'Strays' out within the year...

Jane’s Addiction may have a new album out as early as next year, according to guitar hero DAVE NAVARRO.

Although the band are officially on a break after pulling the rest of their US dates before Christmas, Navarro has told MTV that he would like to use the band’s downtime to write and record.

He said: “Since we’ve been on tour for a year with a solid line-up, we’re a much tighter unit and the songwriting will go much more smoothly. For ‘Strays’, we basically got back together, went into the studio for nine months and wrote it there.”

“That’s an expensive and arduous way to make a record. This time I’d like to see us get together in a rehearsal room, write the songs top to bottom and then record them in four to six weeks.”

And although there is no official word yet, Navarro has also pledged his intentions to bring back the Lollapolooza touring festival following 2003’s successful resurrection.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Navarro. “We put the festival together, hand-pick everybody that’s part of it and basically do it by our own rules. There’s no better way to spend a summer.”

Rumour has it that Jane’s Addiction frontman and festival co-ordinator Perry Farrell is keen to book Muse and Libertines.

Navarro also said that the next single from comeback album ‘Strays’ was likely to be ‘The Riches’.