Covent Garden comes to a standstill to watch the surprise gig...

Jane’s Addiction performed a surprise ‘flashmob’ gig last night (November 10).

The band, who did a similar event on the steps of the London Brixton Academy following their Halloween spectacular there last month (October 31), played a short set in Covent Garden, central London.

Fans who had signed up to their ‘flashmob’ text service received a message earlier in the day announcing where and when the show will take place, and when they arrived they were greeted by hundreds of likeminded fans all holding pink balloons.


Arriving around 6.30pm by the London Transport Museum the band then played a five song set accompanied by female dancers, before disappearing into the night.

One fan at the show told NME.COM: “It was a lot of fun. There was a crowd around a busker by the transport museum and they had a lot of red balloons, some with McScandalous written on them.

“Perry was in his riot chic with some tight leather jacket on. Dave Navarro kept his shirt on for once and had a wooly hat and scarf. They all looked very happy. It was funny hearing Navarro play through a tiny, tinny amp. I could hear a lot of people on the phone telling people to get down there or saying “Jane’s Addiction are playing at Covent Garden!”

The setlist ran: ‘Idiots Rule’

‘Suffer Some’

‘Had A Dad’



‘My Time’

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