And you all thought his greatest moment was always going to be 'Been Caught Stealing'...

Jane’s Addiction‘s campaigning frontman PERRY FARRELL has just returned to the US from war-torn SUDAN where he helped free some 2,300 women and children from slavery.

The singer, who has been involved with issues relating to the Sudan in the past, spent seven days in the country on his mission with Christian Solidarity International.

Farrell led “emancipation dances” at various liberation sites in the Sudanese bush where the freed slaves are housed, the New York Post reports, singing over music from a stereo he brought with him and “spurring large crowds of freed slaves, missionaries and Arab ‘slave retrievers’ into a dancing frenzy.”


Christian Solidarity International pays for the freedom of families enslaved by the Taliban-style fundamentalist Islamic Arabic leaders from the north of the vast African state. Since 1983, they and state sponsored militias have terrorised the mainly Christian black African villages of the south.

“Because the blacks in the south, who are mostly Christian, don’t want to be ruled by the Koran, there is a genocide and two million people have been killed,” explained Charles Jacobson, president of the American Anti-Slavery Group.

“As part of that holy war, they raid African villages and shoot the men and capture the women and children and have them as Jihad slaves. They force them to become Muslim. The women are genitally mutilated and raped, the little boys become goat herders, and God forbid you lose a goat, they chop your fingers off.

“Perry Farrell took a death-defying trip,” Jacobson added. “It’s illegal to go to Sudan and do what he did, and if the government had known, they would have shot his plane out of the sky… He was a witness to the exchange of cash to buy back the slaves. They camped out, they walked for miles through the bush and they were there when the Arabs brought the slaves back.”

There are strong links between the Sudanese rulers and Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terror network.

Perry Farrell was accompanied on the trip by long-time friend and associate Aaron Cohen who two months ago claimed to be on an al-Qaeda death list because of his work towards freeing the Sudanese slaves.