The likes of the Jane's Addiction frontman and Ben Harper are tipped to be the first of the big name casualties in the label's clearout...

Jane’s Addiction frontman PERRY FARRELL could be one of the first big name casualties of EMI’s looming artist clear out.

Farrell, signed to EMI subsidiary Virgin, could be joined on the scrapheap by Ben Harper as EMI follow their announcement of 1,800 staff cuts with measures designed to skin the fat from the label’s roster.

The New York Post reports that the label will be no respecter of reputations. The paper claims both Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger (as a solo artist) just missed the axe, because the label makes so much money selling their old Beatles and Rolling Stones albums.


While David Munns, vice chairman of EMI, claimed “there is no truth to them being dropped from the company”, a Virgin insider said Jagger and Paul McCartney were under scrutiny until recently.

Paul McCartney‘s most recent solo album ‘Driving Rain’ failed to excite either the critics or the charts on his much vaunted release last year. And referring to the Wings retrospective album that sank last year, the source said: “Paul’s stuff is just so schmaltzy,” the insider said. “And no one liked Wings when they were actually a band, so why would they like them now?”