Founder Perry Farrell wants it to happen, but there may be a few obstacles...

Jane’s Addiction frontman and LOLLAPALOOZA founder PERRY FARRELL has revealed that he wants to bring the festival to Europe, but is worried about possible glitches with the technology.

The singer has expressed fears that the two problems that stand in the way of the festival are the line-up and the technology kinks that would arise with the interactive part of the festival.

“We have ambitions to be there, but once you jump across the pond, the quality changes,” Farrell said. “To start with, the line-up. The line-up necessarily has to change because people move on from the summer and there might be obligations and…you know.”

He added, “For example, even this technology idea, if I were to go over there (Europe) of course we’d have to set things up quite differently over there (Europe).”

The main problem stems from the fact that Europe uses different satellite networks than America for mobile phones. This would mean that the mobile technology needed for the interactive gaming portion of the tour would need to be changed.

According to Launch, Farrell says that he hopes that Lollapalooza will make it to Europe, although there are no solid plans as of yet.