Aaron Cohen's work in Sudan incurs wrath...

AARON COHEN, a longtime friend of JANE’S ADDICTION frontman PERRY FARRELL and the man who runs FARRELL’s JUBILEE FOUNDATION, is living under a fatwa issued by OSAMA BIN LADEN’s al-Qaeda network.

Cohen, who has been forced to change his name because of the death sentence, is also an associate of U2 frontman Bono and recently travelled to the G8 summit in Genoa with the singer and U2 guitarist The Edge to lobby for an end to Third World debt. His work campaigning to abolish slavery in Sudan has incurred the wrath of the terrorists. He has been attempting to stop Muslims in the north of the country enslaving Christians of the south.

According to the New York Post, Cohen, whose new identity is not being released, learned of the fatwa after returning from Sudan, where he videotaped evidence of the slavery and gave the tapes to the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee.


His name appeared on a death list in an extremist publication with strong links to al-Qaeda, which was emailed to his personal address.

“I have legally changed my name because there is a fatwa against Aaron Cohen,” he said. “I’ve gotten 13 different threatening phone calls and 200 different e-mails. I’ve received threats in Arabic on my cell phone. The scariest call came to my land line in my office. It’s all very troubling to me.”

He added: “I’m a person they have characterised as representing Israel or Zionism and who has made problems for them in Sudan. I entered their country illegally, I obtained videotaped information, left their country and submitted my evidence to a foreign state. A few months later, I was on the list.”

However, the fatwa is not stopping Cohen carrying out his humanitarian work. He also said that he and Farrell are planning a return to Sudan.

“We’re planning a trip in the upcoming months. Perry had the idea that we could go out there when enough slaves are freed and reunited with their families, and have a tribal party in the African bush for them. He’s talking to [Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist] Flea and Peter Gabriel about going out there with him,” he said.

Perry Farrell could not be reached for comment this morning.