Plus - Squabbling Hear'say girls make up (hurrah!), Robbie potential country house and Macy Gray at a disco. In the park. Or something...

Estate agents have a lot to learn.

Take Janet Jackson, for instance. When she’s shopping for a house, explains the Daily Express (June 27), the heavily pierced singing and dancing woman who was once the sister of mad superstar Michael but now merely counts him as a brother, needs time alone, but still likes to be with her entourage.

Had Miss Jackson‘s estate agent – or real estate agent as they are called in the US in order to use the word ‘real’ when it is not strictly necessary – consulted June Azoulay, a psychiatrist, they would have realised this. And no doubt ‘closed’ the sale. June applies her keen clinical mind and many years of professional training and practice to helping real agents of the estate sell expensive property to the extremely wealthy. Janet‘s an introvert, she reasons.


where he could build the biggest aeroplane ever to fly and grow his fingernails.

The Star also reports that Myleene and Kym from Hear’say are friends again. The pair’s tight bond of fellowship had been plunged into doubt after it was revealed on Monday that they were great friends, prompting fears of a fallout on Tuesday. However, this appears to have been worked through and today’s announcement has been greeted by a huge sigh of relief by all those who know the pair and indeed by all those who don’t know the pair, not least Tabloid Hell.

Meanwhile, The Mirror’s Ever Vigilant 3 am Girls today reveal that Macy Gray was spotted having a picnic in Battersea Park. Actually, no, that’s not right – it was actress Leslie Ash who had the picnic. Macy Gray was spotted in Brown’s, a popular discotheque. She was not having a picnic.

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