According to her fanclub website, the coffee-enema-endorsing star will be playing UK dates in December...

JANET JACKSON is rumoured to be playing live in the UK in December, as part of a wider European tour.

According to the Janet Jackson fanclub website, the singer will tour mainland Europe from the end of October, arriving in the UK at the start of December. She is set to perform in five cities – Manchester, Sheffield, London, Belfast and Birmingham.

The reported shows, which are in support of her new album, ‘All For You’, are due to take place at: Stockholm, Sweden (October 31)


Helsinki, Finland (November 2)

Oslo, Norway (5)

Copenhagen, Denmark (6)

Berlin, Germany (11)

Frankfurt, Germany (14)

Zurich, Switzerland (17)


Cologne, Germany (19)

Munich, Germany (22)

Paris, France (26)

Antwerp, Belgium (29)

Arnhem, Netherlands (December 1)

Stuttgart, Germany (3)

Manchester, UK (5)

Sheffield, UK (8)

London, UK (11)

Belfast, UK (14)

Birmingham, UK (17)

An official spokesperson for Jackson was unavailable to confirm details this afternoon.