Janet Jackson says Michael Jackson’s legacy “will continue” despite sexual abuse claims

Janet Jackson has said that the legacy of her brother Michael Jackson “will continue”, despite recent accusations of sexual abuse made against him.

Earlier this year, the Leaving Neverland documentary saw Wade Robson and James Safechuck both claim that Jackson sexually abused them when they were children. Jackson’s songs were subsequently banned from numerous radio stations around the world, while his family and estate continue to fight against the allegations.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, singer Janet Jackson has spoken of what will become of Michael’s legacy. “It will continue,” she said. “I love it when I see kids emulating him, when adults still listen to his music.


“It just lets you know the impact that my family has had on the world. I hope I’m not sounding arrogant in any way — I’m just stating what is. It’s really all God’s doing, and I’m just thankful for that.”

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson avoided speaking directly about the allegations levelled at her brother, having stood by him during his court case in 2005. The siblings previously hit out at media coverage of misconduct claims on their joint 1995 single, ‘Scream’.

Back in March, it was reported that Janet Jackson refused to perform at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in protest of HBO. The US network, which broadcasted Leaving Neverland, also aired the prestigious music ceremony.

Meanwhile, the Leaving Neverland HBO case is set to remain open after a judge recently rejected the Jackson estate’s arbitration request.

Elsewhere, pop star Aaron Carter has spoken out on how Jackson behaved inappropriately “one time” during their friendship. The singer, who was friends with the King of Pop when he was a teenager, had previously slammed accusations made in Dan Reed’s documentary.


Michael Jackson denied any wrongdoing before his death in 2009.

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