Japanese Breakfast shares ‘Savage Good Boy’ music video starring Michael Imperioli of ‘The Sopranos’

The new single from Michelle Zauner's third album 'Jubilee'

Japanese Breakfast has released a new single, ‘Savage Good Boy’, with a music video starring The Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli.

The song arrives ahead of Japanese Breakfast’s upcoming album, ‘Jubilee’, which will be released June 4 via Dead Oceans.

In the artful music video released May 19, the band’s Michelle Zauner faces Imperioli over a luxurious dinner table and a high-stakes game of cards.


Watch the video, which Zauner directed, below.

“‘Savage Good Boy’ came from a headline I read about billionaires buying bunkers,” Zauner explained in a press statement. “I was interested in examining that specific type of villainy, and I found myself adopting the perspective of a rich man coaxing a young woman to come live with him underground, attempting to rationalise his almost impossible share of greed and miserliness.”

Working with cinematographer Adam Kolodny, Zauner envisioned a clash of a “post-apocalyptic bunker” with the extravagance of rococo fashion and set design in the video. She cited period films The Handmaiden, Barry Lyndon, and Orlando as inspiration to strike this balance. Zauner also directed the music video for previous ‘Jubilee’ single ‘Posing In Bondage’ – which continues the narrative of the ‘Savage Good Boy’ video.

In a live Q&A hosted by Zauner before the video premiere, Imperioli talked about acting in a music video as opposed to his film and television work. “There’s more freedom and you try to embody the spirit of the song and the music,” he said. “That’s fun! As an actor, it’s a very different approach to what you’re usually doing.”

Watch the Q&A below.


Zauner recently released her critically acclaimed memoir Crying In H Mart. ‘Jubilee’ will be  third studio album as Japanese Breakfast, and was announced in March with the lead single ‘Be Sweet’.

Imperioli, on the other hand, is currently working on a new HBO series loosely based on his experience of Buddhism. The actor is set to star in, write and produce the show.