Jared Leto halts Thirty Seconds To Mars gig to criticise ‘aggressive’ security’s handling of fans

"When you get too many security guards in one building, there's always problems"

Jared Leto halted a gig with his band Thirty Seconds To Mars in order to criticise the security team at the California venue they were playing last Thursday (December 6).

In footage you can see below, Leto ordered the house lights at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento to be turned up before criticising the venue’s security over their rough handling of fans.

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Fuck @golden1center right now! It was not okay the way the guards handled this! @jaredleto was like "everyone on the sides come down and join us down below" and so we did exactly that (and this girl wouldn't let a body gaurd through and the body gaurd says "I will PERSONALY HAVE U ESCORTED out of here cuz of ur attitude") later we finally got to the bottom of the stairs and there were 4 body guards screaming at us and flashing there lights in our faces. I literally had to act like I was getting arrested, i had both my hands up explaining that I couldnt go anywhere because the stairs were crowded and people were pushing each other and a body guard looked me in the eyes and kept screaming directly in my face even though she knew I couldn't get anywhere. Then when we started going up the stairs and following orders, she was flashing her flashlight DIRECTLY into our faces blinding all of us ON THE STAIRS! I had to put my hand DIRECTLY into her flash light to make her stop and at that point I was just screaming at her telling her that "I cant go anywhere, I'm trying my best, and STOP FLASHING THAT IN MY EYES!" ONLY at that point did she stop. Later on @jaredleto had to STOP the concert because the body gaurds were so out of hand! Someone need to fix this! And honestly the guards should have handled the smoking and vaping alot more cuz its illegal!!!!!!! ….. on top of this @22love126_artist (whos 17 years old) got punched by the security 6 TIMES! Thrown to the ground, kicked in the back AND ribs and the 6 foot security also poored beer all over him!!! He was trying to find his parents and Jared asked him if he wanted to be on stage with him. More content in the comments! #concert #mess #bodygaurds #golden1center #30secondstomars #sacramento #horrible #order #photoshoot #photograph #music #abuse #wrong #hurtful #outofcontol #golden1 #assholes #jared #concert #seethis #spread #like #look #stupid #30sec #mars #30sectomars #tour #pummel #attack #lights #order

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“You do not need to take that guy down. You guys are being too aggressive tonight,” he said, pointing out one fan in particular who was being manhandled by ‘seven guys’.

“Do not abuse this guy, okay? Relax, settle down, don’t escalate the situation. That’s fine but there’s seven guys like on top of this guy. It’s ridiculous,” he continued.

“I know it’s a funny thing. It happens when you get too many security guards in one building, there’s always problems, there’s always problems, guys. Settle down, just take care of each other, just take care of each other.”

One fan who posted the footage on Instagram said that guards were “screaming at us and flashing there [sic] lights in our faces.”

They continue to allege that another fan, who is 17 years old, was “punched by security 6 times,” and was “thrown to the ground, kicked in the back and ribs,” and had beer poured on him.

The trouble seems to have arisen when Leto invited fans to join the band onstage.


Thirty Seconds To Mars appeared on the Live Lounge earlier this year to perform their track ‘Rescue Me’, as well as a bizarre mash-up cover of Juice WRLD, Khalid & Post Malone.

Their most recent album ‘America’ charted at Number Four in the Official UK Albums Chart – the band’s highest UK chart position to date. During an interview with NME, frontman Jared Leto said that it ‘felt like a first album in a lot of ways.’