Jarvis Cocker urges people to turn their back on the internet in ‘Nu-Troglodyte’ manifesto

The Pulp frontman says people need to get offline if they want to get things done

Jarvis Cocker has shared his ‘Nu-Troglodyte Manifesto’, in which he muses on the benefits of living ‘offline’.

Writing in Another Man he posited a life with “no phone reception. No wi-fi. No TV. No radio”, before going on to say that this is what is needed to find peace.

“Now it’s time to come home,” he wrote. “Time to come back to the source. Time to escape the constant, endless, meaningless jabbering that distracts you from who you really are and what you really want to do.” Read the full piece here.

Cocker returned to his BBC 6 Music radio show earlier this month. The Pulp frontman took a year-long sabbatical from the station last year to focus on other projects, but returned to his Sunday Service broadcasting duties on March 1.

Cocker, who was replaced by Iggy Pop during his absence, had previously said it was necessary for him to leave so the radio programme could continue to improve. “Crop Rotation has long been recognised as a way of preserving the fertility of the soil,” he said in December 2013. “Every now and again a field has to be left fallow for a year in order to make sure it has time to recover. In 2014, I will be that field. ‘Tis done with the firm conviction that it will lead to a stronger and more vigorous Sunday Service when I return to 6 Music’s pastures.”

The singer, who also has been working in a position as editor-at-large with book publishers Faber, revealed in May last year that he had taken a break from radio to concentrate on writing new songs. “Whether it’s to impress girls, or whatever, music is the thing that has become my means of self-expression,” he said. “So this year I’m taking a break from the radio show to find out if I’ve got any interesting songs left to write or whether I’ve written them all.”

Last year saw the release of the documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets. The film, which charts Pulp’s homecoming show in Sheffield in December 2012, featured footage from the band’s gig at the city’s Motorpoint Arena as well as interviews with fans and members of the group. The film won Best Music Film at the NME Awards with Austin, Texas last month.