Jarvis Cocker to unveil new music with Chilly Gonzales

'Room 29' performance to take place at London's Barbican Theatre

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker has revealed details of a new “multi-media musical entertainment” he has devised with musician Chilly Gonzales.

‘Room 29: Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales’ will run at London’s Barbican Theatre from March 23-25, 2017 and is described in a press release as “a song-cycle concerning the goings-on in Room 29 of the Château Marmont hotel in Hollywood” featuring “the music of Chilly Gonzales and the words of Jarvis Cocker – along with clips from classic Hollywood movies, live dance and audience participation”.

Cocker says of the project: “Featuring contributions from film historian David Thomson and the stories of famous former occupants of the room such as Jean Harlow and Howard Hughes, the show will also attempt to unpick the way a heady concoction dreamt up in the immediate vicinity of the hotel went on to intoxicate the entire population of planet Earth. Or, (to quote the sub-title of David Thomson’s book The Big Screen): it is also the story of the movies and what they did to us.”


“For the duration of one evening the entire audience will be occupants of Room 29. You will be greeted by our concierge and you will be given a key. Sit down, get comfortable – it will be our pleasure to serve up a night of entertainment like no other: Room 29 may be a real location in Hollywood, California – but it is also a place within each one of us. Through this collection of songs we hope to open the door to that room for all those of you who wish to explore it. How’s that for Room Service?”

Tickets go on sale on Monday, October 10.

In May, Cocker released a 7″ EP of music written for the Neil Gaiman TV series Likely Stories.

Jarvis worked on the score for the series with Scott Walker percussionist Alasdair Malloy, Serafina Steer, Bas Jan, Martin Slattery (The Hours, Black Grape) and drummer Tom Skinner (Melt Yourself Down). Portishead’s Adrian Utley plays synth on the ‘Main Theme’.

He described the music on the EP as: “Four grubby tales set in all night cafes, low rent drinking dens and doctor’s surgeries. I didn’t have to leave my comfort zone for this assignment.”