Jarvis Cocker on BBC Three being axed: ‘We shouldn’t be too bothered’

The Pulp frontman and BBC 6 Music DJ says young people aren't interested in conventional TV channels annymore

Jarvis Cocker has said we “shouldn’t be too bothered” about the potential axing of BBC Three.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the channel would move online, subject to the approval of the BBC Trust. BBC Director General Tony Hall described the plans as “financially necessary”.

According to Radio Times, Jarvis Cocker has refused to grieve for the channel, stating: “Young people don’t watch television anyway – it’s all about tablets for them so we shouldn’t be too bothered.”


When asked if the BBC could suffer if a new generation do not watch TV in significant numbers via a channel that requires a licence fee, he replied: “Well, we mustn’t worry about that. We should worry about what we do now. If the next generation want the BBC, they will have it.”

Cocker is currently on a year-long sabbatical from his Sunday afternoon show on BBC 6 Music, with Iggy Pop covering for him.

When asked about another possible Pulp reunion he said: “We have done that, we won’t do it again. But hopefully I will find a way of inflicting any new music on an unsuspecting public.”