Jarvis Cocker to take year out from BBC 6 Music radio show

The Pulp frontman's Sunday Service will take a 'fallow' year

Jarvis Cocker is set to take a year long break from his BBC Radio 6 Music show.

The December 29 edition of Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service will be the Pulp frontman’s last show for 12 months. Cocker has compared his break from the station to crop rotation, stating that he is taking time out from the show in order to create a “stronger and more vigorous” programme upon his return. He commented, via Radio Times: “Crop Rotation has long been recognized as a way of preserving the fertility of the soil. Every now and again a field has to be left fallow for a year in order to make sure it has time to recover. In 2014 I will be that field. T’is done with the firm conviction that it will lead to a stronger and more vigorous Sunday Service when I return to 6 Music’s pastures.”

He added that he won’t be leaving the station totally over 2014: “Oh yes – and of course I’ll keep popping up on 6 Music from time to time just to make sure that you haven’t forgotten me. We wouldn’t want that would we? Just call me the ‘Turnip Townshend of the Airwaves’.”

Meanwhile, Jarvis Cocker will be keeping himself busy next year with his first acquisition as Editor-at-Large at book publishers Faber and Faber – a book on the history of British folk clubs. Singing from the Floor by JP Bean, was recommended to Cocker by Richard Hawley.

“When my friend Richard Hawley said he’d met ‘a man in a pub who had a book for me’ I have to admit I was slightly dubious,” Cocker said in a statement. “But he was right. Singing from the Floor portrays an important movement in vernacular culture in the voices of the people who made it happen – and that’s not an easy task. Especially when the events in question took place many years ago and may have involved the consumption of alcohol. JP Bean has captured this moment before it is lost forever, and has made it live again on the page. He’s a very clever chap. Let’s raise a glass to him.”

The book documents the British folk revival of the 1950s and 60s where musicians, inspired by the skiffle craze, rediscovered Britain’s traditional folk music alongside the folk and blues being imported from America. Singing From The Floor will be published in April 2014.