Jarvis Cocker writing songs for Russell Brand film

Former Pulp man writing music for 'Get Him To The Greek'

Jarvis Cocker is writing three songs to be sung by Russell Brand in the forthcoming film ‘Get Him To The Greek’.

The film is scheduled for release next year and will be a spin-off from 2008 romantic comedy ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’. Brand plays washed up rock star Aldous Snow, while Jonah Hill and Rose Byrne also appear.

The former Pulp frontman didn’t give much away about the three songs in question, aside from telling Billboard that they were “rather silly, but it’s a silly film”.

The singer did, however, say that he was still undecided about the possibility of a Pulp reunion, having previously admitted that the band, inactive since 2002, regularly receive offers to regroup to play live.

“I better decide for sure pretty soon,” he said. “Because otherwise I’ll be too old.”