Jarvis Cocker gives lyrics lecture in Manchester

Songwriter takes part in In The City conference

Jarvis Cocker delivered a lecture on the art of lyrics yesterday (October 8) as part of Manchester‘s ‘In The City’ music conference.

Titled ‘Saying The Unsayable’, the former Pulp man discussed the art of writing lyrics and their role in popular music.

It was only the second time the lecture had been given, after it was initially staged as part of the Brighton Festival earlier this year.

Also playing some of his own songs on an acoustic guitar, it only seemed fitting that it was performed at In The City, when Cocker revealed the event’s late founder was the inspiration behind the lecture.

He said: “The reason I’m here is because originally the idea of this was planted in my head by [Factory Records boss] Tony Wilson.”

Covering lyrics through the ages, Cocker analysed his own lyrics, as well as those by The Beatles, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie.