Jarvis Cocker gets ready to ‘rock’ on second solo album

Pulp man has been writing with his band this time

Jarvis Cocker has revealed that his second solo album will be much heavier than his debut, 2006’s ‘Jarvis’.

The former Pulp frontman also explained that discovering that his backing band “could rock” led to a more democratic writing process.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Cocker said: “What I’ve tried to do with the new stuff, rather than me just sit there and wait for inspiration to come at some point – which takes ages – instead we’ve written stuff together. And it’s a bit louder.

“That really made me think. I’d never really had that before. Pulp could be loud, but we didn’t really rock…. Well, maybe occasionally.”

Cocker suggested that his new-found desire to rock could have come from his age, saying: “It’s probably something to do with some kind of mid-life crisis as well, y’know? Rock while to still have the ability to do it, before your bits start falling off.”

The singer is expected to hit the studio this year, but claimed his album will likely not be released until 2009.