Jarvis Cocker reveals more details on Wes Anderson soundtrack

Former Pulp frontman brings out his banjo on one of the tracks

Jarvis Cocker has revealed more about the songs he’s writing for Wes Anderson‘s new movie ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.

The former Pulp frontman explained that the only track completed so far for the adaptation of the Roald Dahl tale features a “hillbilly” feel.

Speaking to Pitchfork, Cocker said: “There’s only one I’ve finished up to now. It’s a slightly hillbilly-sounding song actually, but yeah, [Wes Anderson]’s doing this thing for ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, it’s like a model animation, you know, so kind of old-fashioned.”

The singer also revealed that he plays banjo on the track, and explained that he’s happy to work on side projects along as his own solo work comes first.

“It’s good to have side projects, but it’s like a wheel, I think – you can have a wheel and you can have all these little spokes that go off, but you’ve got to have your drive shaft in place, and I guess the drive shaft is the stuff you do for yourself.”

Jarvis Cocker is hoping to record his ‘heavier’ second solo album later this year. The first, ‘Jarvis’, came out in 2006.