Jarvis Cocker brings Meltdown to a climax

The former Pulp man does a 'Rocky' for self-curated festival

Jarvis Cocker took to the stage at the finale of his self-curated Meltdown Festival last night (23 June).

The nine days of multi-media music and arts events drew to a close with an hour and a half long solo set from the former Pulp singer at London‘s Royal Festival Hall.

Cocker was joined by a number of musicians, including Pulp‘s Steve Mackey and Candida Doyle – who he[pledhim on keyboards for ’From A To I’, and the London Chamber Orchestra.


After playing his recent solo album, ’Jarvis’, in full, he returned to the stage for an encore, consisting of an impassioned rendition of Survivor‘s ’Eye Of The Tiger’, the theme tune from the 1982 film, ’Rocky III’.

A small stage invasion then broke out, and while most people were whisked off stage by security, Cocker let one man stay on stage with him, and allowed him to dance by his side for the rest of the song.

Cocker was in a playful mood throughout, and bantered with the crowd, who kept on shouting out and telling him they loved him.

The only trouble occurred when the singer had to start ’Disney Time’ three times.

“It’s like The Jesus And Mary Chain!” shouted out a fan – referring to the band’s set the night before, during which the band had to stop and start many of their songs.

Jarvis Cocker played:


‘Fat Children’

‘Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time’

‘Heavy Weather’

‘One Man Show’

‘I Will Kill Again’

‘Baby’s Coming Back To Me’

‘From A To I’


‘Disney Time’

‘Sooner Or Later’

‘Big Julie’

‘Black Magic’

‘Quantum Theory’

‘Eye Of The Tiger’