Jarvis Cocker: No Pulp reunion

Singer happy being solo

Jarvis Cocker has denied he is planning a Pulp reunion.

Despite being joined onstage by Pulp bassist Steve Mackay, auxiliary guitarist Richard Hawley and keyboard played Candida Doyle for a solo show in November, he admitted that he hadn’t considered a full-blown reunion.

When asked about it Cocker declared: “Hell would have to freeze over first! No, I don’t know. The members of the group are all in touch with each other and all friendly, there have been no deaths that I know of.

“So there is no barrier other than the fact that at the moment I can’t really see a point. If it was to seem like the right thing to do then there’s no reason why not, but I am certainly not planning it at the moment.”

Cocker also said he considered making a Pulp album before making his first solo album ’Jarvis’, due to the fact former Pulp member Steve Mackey played on the album (and is also in Jarvis‘ touring band) along with Richard Hawley, who was also briefly in the Sheffield band.

He said: “If I wanted to make a Pulp record, I would have made one. We talked about that before we did it and also we didn’t want to sound like one of his (Hawley‘s) records, not because I don’t like his records, but because that wouldn’t do either one of us any favours.”

Cocker also considered his musical legacy, he told The Trip Wire: “I hated that term (Britpop) and never considered Pulp to be a part of that…I actually don’t think that much interesting music came out of Britpop really, maybe other people would disagree with me.”