Jarvis Cocker shares an alternative version of ‘Running The World’ with German string quartet

It comes as the campaign continues to get the 2006 single to number one this Christmas

Jarvis Cocker has shared another version of his single 2006 ‘Running The World’ featuring a German string quartet.

Explaining the latest take of the track on his Instagram page, the former Pulp singer said: “So here’s the story: about a month ago the @kaiserquartett sent me a recording of their arrangement of ‘Running the World’ & asked if I’d consider singing on it. So I did.

“The song will feature on one of their upcoming record releases but – given the current campaign – we thought you might like to get a sneak preview right now.” Cocker also uploaded the full track to YouTube which you can listen to below.



Yesterday, the singer backed a campaign to get the 2006 single to number one this Christmas.

The song, which contains lyrics “Cunts are still ruling the world”, is central to new a Facebook campaign run by fans Michael Hall and Darcie Molina that seeks to promote “inclusivity, representation, love, acceptance and kindness” in the wake of the recently re-elected Conservative government.

“What a strange couple of days!” he wrote. “I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone involved in this campaign to get ‘Cunts Are Still Running The World’ to #1 for Xmas. What a lark!


The post continued: “I’m so proud that people have chosen the song as a means of protest against the social, political & environmental situation we find ourselves in. We’ve been playing this song at the recent JARV IS… shows & I often sing “but not for long” at the very end. I truly believe that, as long as we don’t give up, that is true. These are cold, hard times but initiatives like this campaign make me feel all warm & hopeful inside. Christmasy even.”

Cocker reiterated the campaign’s message that all proceeds from the single will go to the UK-based homeless charity Shelter.

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