Jarvis Cocker to release speeches on Brexit in a new pamphlet

Rough Trade Books are set to publish Cocker's thoughts on the contentious topic

Jarvis Cocker will this month release the text of two speeches that he made about Brexit in 2017.

Rough Trade Books, who publish regular series of pamphlets that feature musicians discussing topics of interest, are set to release the former Pulp frontman’s work later in November.

Cocker has donated a new text titled Good Pop, Bad Pop, which are transcripts of two speeches he made about Brexit.

The singer and BBC 6 Music radio presenter will join Martha Sprackland, Charlotte Newman, Luke Wright, Mathew Clayton, and Marcel Theroux for the next edition.

The blurb reads: “This pamphlet consists of the text of two speeches Jarvis Cocker made in public during 2017. They both concern Br**it—but please don’t let that put you off.”

Cocker was one of a several musicians who signed an open letter in protest of Brexit last month.

He supported Damon Albarn, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, and others in drafting a letter along with with Sir Bob Geldof, which was sent to prime minister Theresa May.

Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker

The damning warning claimed that the UK music industry’s “vast voice” would be silenced inside a “self-built cultural jail” should Britain leave the EU.

In other news, Cocker will share his first full length book, This Book Is A Song, through Jonathan Cape next year.