Jarvis Cocker’s JARV IS… launch their own tea and jigsaw puzzle

Peppermint Jungle herbal infusion, anyone?

Jarvis Cocker‘s new project JARV IS… have launched their own strain of tea, as well as sharing a ‘Beyond The Pale’ jigsaw puzzle.

Both new products are related to the band’s debut album ‘Beyond The Pale’, which came out earlier this year.

Each tea bag of the Peppermint Jungle herbal infusion tea comes complete with an inspiring message written by Cocker. It’s available to order here.


“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the people at Dragonfly to produce a bespoke tea blend to complement the ‘Beyond the Pale’ album, Jarvis said of the new brew.

“I always thought it would be a nice idea to create a tea to accompany our album, but Dragonfly have made that idea a reality. What message awaits you on the tag attached to the tea bag? Only one way to find out… Welcome to the Peppermint Jungle!”

Jarvis Cocker
JARV IS… ‘Beyond The Pale’ Peppermint Jungle tea.

A 1000-piece puzzle is also available to buy on the JARV IS… online shop here, inspired by the artwork for ‘Beyond The Pale’.

Reviewing the album, which came out back in July via Rough Trade, NME‘s Andrew Trendell wrote: “Sadly, at just seven tracks long, ‘Beyond The Pale’ is all over too soon. Jarvis, you tease. Still, this is arguably Cocker’s best work since Pulp’s 1998 comedown record ‘This Is Hardcore’ and certainly a greatly promising start to his new chapter. Cocker remains in an entirely different class.”

Jarvis Cocker
JARV IS… ‘Beyond The Pale’ jigsaw


After the release of ‘Beyond The Pale’, JARV IS… held a special livestreamed gig from a cave in Derbyshire, dubbed ‘Live From The Centre Of The Earth’.

Reviewing the gig, NME‘s Leonie Cooper wrote: “Though Cocker’s claim that they have “invented a new way of playing a concert” might be a little rich, the super-stylised Beyond The Pale…. Live From The Centre of the Earth – shot by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, who also directed the lush 2014 Nick Cave documentary 20,000 Days on Earth – is an intoxicating thing.

“Sure, it’s not the same as being there in the cave with him and the band, but as a mirror ball floods the spooky space and twinkling shafts of bright white light flicker across the screen and into our living room, it’s the closest we’ve been to a proper house party since February.”

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