Jason Derulo fires his travel agent after being kicked off flight

Pop singer reported to have demanded priority boarding at Reno-Tahoe International Airport on Saturday (August 15)

Jason Derulo has spoken out about a recent incident which saw him thrown off a US flight.

The R&B singer was intending on travelling from from Reno, Nevada to Los Angeles on Saturday (August 15) when Southwest Airlines requested that the singer and his crew depart the airplane.

The disagreement originated from a dispute during boarding at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, when Derulo and his entourage requested a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) precheck so they could get through the airport quicker and avoid cameras and fans. The request was refused, however, as the TSA precheck machine being broken.

Derulo later explained to Entertainment Tonight: “It was a little mishap. Basically, there was a little confrontation with the people that work at the front.

“We were literally just trying to not cause a ruckus. My security was literally just trying to tell the agent, ‘Can we go to this section so we don’t cause a ruckus?’ There’s a lot of picture taking and that stuff going on. They weren’t being very accommodating.

“One of the guys came on the plane, and one of my people were like, ‘You’re full of shit.’ They were like, ‘You guys got to get out of the plane.’ They kicked us all off the plane.”

Following the initial event, Derulo uploaded a video to Instagram of himself on a private jet, claiming that he had fired his travel agent over the prior incident at the airport. Watch that video beneath.

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