Electro star Jay Electronica threatens millionaire financier Ben Goldsmith

Rapper and Tory party donor have been rowing very publicly over Twitter

Rapper Jay Electronica has threatened millionaire British financier Ben Goldsmith over Twitter.

The rapper has been involved in an ongoing spat between Goldsmith and his estranged wife Kate, who is an heiress in the Rothschild family. Electronica, whose real name is Timothy Thedford, is allegedly now in a relationship with Goldsmith’s ex-wife.

Taking to Twitter.com/JayElectronica, Electronica wrote to Goldsmith: “Ben, you need to stop going to the press with these bullshit stories. Don’t be a fucking hypocrite. I’ll come see you. You wanna go public, I’ll go public and you ain’t gonna like it. Stop acting like a bitch”.


This isn’t the first time that the spat between Goldsmith, Rothschild and Electronica has been played out over Twitter, with the estranged couple constantly exchanging insults over the social network over the past month, with Goldsmith previously labelling his wife as “appaling”.

Goldsmith, who inherited over £300 million after the death of his father James, filed for divorce earlier this year amid claims that his wife was having an affair, presumed to be with Jay Electronica.

Rothschild, who has since been photographed constantly with Electronica, is the owner and funder of Roundtable Records, which is home to the likes of Computer Magic, The History Of Apple Pie and Bos Angeles.