Jay Reatard attacked onstage during gig

Police charge two crowdmembers after the incident

Two crowdmembers have been arrested after attacking Jay Reatard during a gig in Austin, Texas.

Reatard had taken to the stage at the Emo’s venue around midnighton Wednesday (December 9) and played a 40-minute set before announcing his final song. He was then reportedly attacked by two members of the crowd, reports Austin360.

The first man was tackled by security staff, before a second man ran onto the stage and went for Reatard, who reportedly defended himself with his mic stand.


Police later confirmed that two men were arrested after the incident. Michael Buehrer, 20, and Peter Aravello, 23 have both been charged with public intoxication.

Reatard‘s publicist later told Pitchfork that the attack was unprovoked.

They said: “Jay was attacked, totally unprovoked, by two different people, both of whom were later arrested. One guy bolted onstage and came swinging at Jay, but security took him away pretty quickly.

“Soon after (the band hadn’t stopped playing, by the way), another guy sprinted onstage and hit Jay. Unlike the first guy, Jay didn’t even see this guy coming. So Jay defended himself with the mic stand until security took that guy away, too.

Jay is safe and unhurt, and the cops were there for about an hour afterwards.”