Jay-Z has ‘no problem’ with idea of working with Oasis’ Noel Gallagher

Rapper says no collaboration is on the cards, however

Jay-Z has spoken to clarify comments saying he would be interested in working with Noel Gallagher, saying he has “no problem” with a potential collaboration.

However, the rapper said that nothing was on the horizon – he had just been making an “offhand comment” about the possibility of hooking up with the former Oasis man, who questioned Jay-Z’s billing as a Glastonbury headliner last year.

“It was an offhand comment, someone asked me if I would work with him,” he told BBC Newsbeat. “I don’t have any problem, so I said anything is possible.

“It’s not like we had any talks of doing it, it’s like someone asked me would you work with him, I said ‘Yeah, I don’t have any problem with it’.”

Gallagher isn’t the only former Oasis member the star hasn’t ruled out working with. Jay-Z said he’d love to team up with singer Liam Gallagher in the future.