Kanye West reveals secrets of Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint 3’

West is on production duties for new album

Kanye West has revealed that Jay-Z‘s eagerly-awaited ‘The Blueprint 3’ album will be the opposite of his own recent effort ‘808s And Heartbreak’.

West is producing the next installment in the Jay-Z‘s acclaimed ‘Blueprint’ series. But after releasing his own synth-heavy album, he told MTV News he is taking Jay-Z‘s project in a different direction.

“We actually removed all the songs with Autotune off his album to make the point that this is an anti-Autotune album,” he said, “even though I released an album that has all Autotune. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s music, it’s just sonics.”

Jay-Z is releasing ‘The Blueprint 3’ later in the year through his new label Roc Nation, having left long term label Def Jam.

West explained: “Jay is in control of everything in his domain. He’s just been working on (the album), and it’s gonna be amazing when he drops it.

“I think it’s good he’s taking his time to give people the best product possible and not being rushed by this fast-food, media-outlet, internet, everything-is-getting-leaked, people-stealing your songs-before-you-can-mix-them-and-put-them-online world we’re living in right now.”

West’s protégé Mr Hudson features on two tracks on ‘The Blueprint 3’.