Jay-Z explains meaning behind Barack Obama ‘History’ song

'It's about trying to find victory', says the rapper

Jay-Z has explained the thinking behind his new song ‘History’, which he performed at the pre-inaugration ball at Washington DC’s Warner Theater on Monday (January 19).

The rapper, who headed to Capitol Hill to watch

Barack Obama’s Presidential inauguration yesterday (January 21), told MTV News he hoped that the song, written for Obama, came across as “deep but fun”.

He said: “The ‘History’ record is really about – once again – about making history. But I use different words as if they were women: ‘Success. I met success and success was a sister of defeat’.

“You know, if you listen to the record it’s pretty much talking about trying to find victory, victory being a woman, and so me and victory can make a kid – the kid being history, and then history tells your legacy. It’s deep but it’s fun. It’s not really that complicated.”

Watch Jay-Z performing the song by clicking on the video below.