Director Mark Romanek denies ‘Girls’ actress Jemima Kirke was ejected from Jay Z video set

Reports actress disrupted filming on 'Picasso Baby' video are refuted

Director Mark Romanek has spoken out to deny rumours that Girls actress Jemima Kirke was ejected from the filming on Jay Z’s new video.

It was reported that the actress was ejected from the filming of Jay Z’s performance video for his new single ‘Picasso Baby’, according to the New York Daily News. However, Mark Romanek has spoken out to defend Kirke and deny any suggestion that she had acted untoward while making the video.

Speaking to Vulture, Romanek said: “I hope she doesn’t mind me saying so, but these absurd rumors about Jemima Kirke’s behavior at the ‘Picasso Baby’ shoot are utter bullshit.”

Sources at Pace Gallery, where the video was shot, had previously claimed: “She was acting totally nuts! She kept jumping on his back like a little monkey. Someone was screaming, ‘Get her off him’,” they continued, adding that Kirke was led away kicking and begging “let us finish”. Meanwhile, the incident didn’t affect Jay Z as he “kept rapping the whole time”.

Famous artists and celebrities were invited to be in the audience for the video, with Marina Abramovic and Alan Cumming both in attendance. Those that made it to the shoot took turns to sit on a bench while Jay Z rapped to them over the course of seven hours. In the video, Kirke takes her turn to be rapped to while smiling and letting down her hair. Later, the clip then cuts to her hugging the rapper.

Kirke, also an artist herself, was previously reported to have lost control at a performance by Marina Abramovic in 2010. During the ‘The Artist Is Present’ exhibition at MoMA, where Abramovic sat still for over 700 hours staring at visitors who sat opposite her, Kirke was photographed in floods of tears.