Jay-Z: ‘Noel Gallagher’s views on hip hop were archaic’

Jigga says his Glastonbury 2008 appearance was akin to winning his first Grammy

Jay-Z has said that Noel Gallagher‘s views on him headlining Glastonbury in 2008 showed up the former Oasis guitarist’s “archaic” stance on hip hop.

Speaking on BBC One‘s flagship political programme The Andrew Marr Show, Jay-Z explained that when he took to the stage at Worthy Farm after his well-documented verbal spat with Gallagher it felt like winning a Grammy award.

“That was like winning the first Grammy for me. It was one of those times where , you know…almost like knocking the door down,” he told Marr.


Noel Gallagher, I think he perpetuated the old way of thinking. We don’t think like that, or listen to music like that [now]. On my iPod is The Beatles, Jay-Z, Kings Of Leon, Lil Wayne, Grizzly Bear, Arctic Monkeys. I listen to a diverse arrangement of music, and I think that how kids listen to music now.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jay-Z said that Gallagher‘s criticism of him being chosen to headline Glastonbury didn’t go down well because the general public didn’t agree with him.

“It was almost like the people were saying “No, we want that to happen. That’s the natural progression. We like rap, we like rock. We like everything. And it was just that last…that archaic thinking that was in the way of this festival.”

The rapper went on to say that musicians like Gallagher need to embrace change rather than shun it, stating: “If we believe that a thing that started should be held forever I’d still be a slave, right? It’d still be in slavery. Things change and the world changes and I think it’s best to embrace change.”


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