Jay-Z: My Nas beef was bigger than Noel Gallagher Glastonbury row

Plus rapper says he'd play Glastonbury festival again

Jay-Z has said he saw his dispute with rapper Nas as meaning more than his dispute with OasisNoel Gallagher.

The two New York rappers used to have issues with each other following sampling and guest spot disputes. Gallagher, a former Glastonbury headliner with Oasis, said that Jay-Z was the “wrong” booking to headline the festival, as the rapper did last year.

When asked in a new interview in Shortlist magazine which beef “meant more”, Jay-Z said: “Nas because it comes from hip-hop. It was a great time in hip-hop, a great battle.


Noel, that was pretty cool too. That felt more like me progressing and knocking down a different barrier more than a thing with me and Noel. I think it was more about [the festival], we were arguing about that, not arguing with each other. He was, ‘I wanted it to be like I always saw it!’. I was like, ‘No, the world’s changing’.”

He went on to say that he would be interested in playing at Glastonbury again.

“Absolutely [I would play it]”, he said. “I rank it as one of those moments when I first got a Grammy. The people wanted it, the people were like, ‘No, we like Jay-Z and we like Noel, we like both of you guys.”


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