MGMT set to feature on Jay-Z’s new album

Rihanna also lined-up for 'The Blueprint 3'

MGMT are set to appear on Jay-Z‘s new album, ‘The Blueprint 3’.

According to Reuters, the Brooklyn duo will join other guests including Rihanna on the record, due out on September 11.

Speaking about the album, Jay-Z confirmed that it is the final part in his ‘Blueprint’ triology.

“This being the end of the trilogy, I wanted to bring it full circle,” he explained.

He added: “The first ‘Blueprint’ was based on soul samples and more of a place where I came from and the records I listened to growing up with my mom and pop. This ‘Blueprint’, I liken it to a new classic, simply because we – Usher, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, myself – are becoming the people that we looked up to musically growing up, like Marvin Gaye and Frank Sinatra.”

The record is being released eight years to the day that the original ‘Blueprint’ came out. However, Jay-Z revealed he originally completed the record last November, but has been able to make tweaks in the intervening time.

“The time gave me a chance to step back, touch it, step back, touch it, rework it,” he explained. “Then I had to keep motivating myself because of the current state of music. My album is a single album, but it’s part of a collective – the collectiveness of hip-hop.”