Jay-Z and Beyonce watch Grizzly Bear gig – video

Grizzly Bear also release new single featuring Michael McDonald

Jay-Z and Beyonce attended a free Grizzly Bear gig in New York on Sunday (August 31).

The rapper and his popstar wife were videod by fans in the crowd dancing along to the band, who were playing the show as part of Brooklyn‘s Pool Party 2009 season.

You can watch the fan-recorded video of Jay-Z and Beyonce dancing to Grizzly Bear on NME.COM by scrolling down now.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with NME.COM, The Temper Trap‘s Dougy Mandagi revealed that he’d had attended a party in Japan along with Grizzly Bear and Beyonce.

“She had a couple of security guards there but she was literally just sitting at the table next to us chatting to the guys from Grizzly Bear,” Mandagi said. “It was all pretty casual, so I thought, ‘Oh man, I’ve gotta meet her.’ I saw her getting ready to leave and I kind of just timed my walk across to her and went ‘You alright? Hi! I just want to tell you I really love your music!’ and she’s like, ‘Oh, thank you so much!'”

Grizzly Bear have also announced details of their new single, ‘While You Wait For The Others’, which was released online on August 31.

The B-side of the single features a cut of ‘While You Wait For The Others’ with the lead vocals sung by Doobie Brothers/Steely Dan member Michael McDonald.

‘While You Wait For The Others’ is available to download now from Bleep.com.

Footage of Jay-Z and Beyonce watching Grizzly Bear: