Watch Jay-Z’s banned Oasis video diss from Glastonbury now

Banned from TV Noel Gallagher clip appears online

The intro reel played before Jay-Z’s Glastonbury headline show on Saturday (June 28), which featured OasisNoel Gallagher‘s derogatory comments about the rapper, has been posted online.

The video features Gallagher‘s quote that Jay-Z had “no fucking chance” of pulling off a Glastonbury headline slot, spliced together with archive footage of figures including Bill Clinton, London mayor Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II.

It also features members of the public commenting on Jay-Z, as well as Pharrell Williams, who bigs up the rapper.

The clip did not appear on the BBC‘s coverage of Glastonbury because all the footage it uses could not be cleared for broadcast, so until now only those present at the show have seen it.

Jay-Z followed the video montage by kicking off his show with a cover of Oasis‘Wonderwall’.

Watch the intro reel by clicking on the video below.