Around 3,000 Glastonbury Festival tickets remain

Festival gates open tomorrow (June 25)

Approximately 3,000 tickets remain for this year’s Glastonbury festival.

It’s the first time in 15 years the event has not sold out in advance.

There’s been a lot of controversy over this year’s line-up, with Jay-Z topping the bill, but organiser Michael Eavis blames the muddy conditions of the past few years for the poor ticket sales and it looks like they’ll probably sell out in time.

Speaking to the BBC Eavis said: “There’s a lot at stake. We really do need a good year this year, that’s for sure. There were about 3,000 left this morning [June 24]. But they are going out slowly. We did about 800 yesterday so we’ll just about scrape home without losing my shirt.”

But it’s not only Eavis‘ pockets that will suffer if Glastonbury doesn’t sell out.

Each year the Worthy Farm festival aims to give £2 million to charity.

Eavis said: “The charity money will have to be reduced, I think. We’ve got £1 million going to charity already, but it’s the second million that’s the problem if we don’t sell out.”

As of the weather forecast for this year’s event Eavis said: “We might get 1mm of rain on Saturday, which is just what we need because it is quite dusty at the moment. So a short shower from the heavens will be gratefully received.”