Jay-Z speaks out about Def Jam rumours

So is he leaving the label?

Jay-Z has denied rumours that he is leaving Def Jam.

The rapper, who is set to release ‘Kingdom Come’, his first album for three years, on November 30, became president of Def Jam in December 2004. His position came into effect in January 2005 and is set to run out in January 2008.

Jay–Z has now addressed the strong rumours that he was the leave the post.

He said: “Everything is good. I know there’s been some rumours I was leaving Def Jam. I’m not leaving Def Jam. I signed on for three years, so I don’t have any plans to move on. I love working with (Island Def Jam chairman) L.A (Reid), I love working with (Island President) Steve (Bartels), I love (Universal Chairman and CEO) Doug (Morris).

The rapper said that he would like to stay at the company well after his term is up.

He added: “I’ll do whatever, if it’s consulting, whatever it is, but I don’t have any plans to go anywhere anytime soon.”

Jay–Z also said that he would consider a tour with P Diddy, who is currently at the top of the Billboard album chart with ‘Press Play’.

He told MTV: “It’s very difficult to plan another tour while you’re on the end of a tour because at the end of the tour you’re like, ‘Uh, I’ve got to get home and I’ve got so many things to do.’

“I don’t have any tour plans as far as the States yet, but if Puff says something you’ve got to at least talk about it. You’ve got to at least have the conversation because he has foresight.”