Jay-Z: Chris Martin almost kept song

The rapper explains how he beat Coldplay to new tune

Jay-Z has revealed he had to compete with Coldplay for the title track of his new album ‘Kingdom Come’.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is featured on the song, but it was touch and go as to whether he was going to offer the work he had done to his rap star pal.

Jay-Z told MTV: ”Chris Martin sent me these wonderful chords one day and he said he knew they were good because he almost didn’t tell me about them.”


“He was gonna keep them for himself,” he added. “For one second he said, ‘I’m not sending this to him.’ With Kanye (West) it was the same thing, he dropped the track off.”

’Kingdom Come’ is released on November 20, and will be followed by the single ’Show Me What You Got’ on December 3.

It will be his first album since 2003’s ’The Black Album’.

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