Jay-Z banned in China

'Vulgar' lyrics cause gig cancellation

Chinese authorities have cancelled a Shanghai gig by Jay-Z.

The Chinese Culture Ministry has banned the performance because of their concern over the rapper’s lyrics.

Speaking to the Shanghai Daily, promoter Sun Yun said: “Some of Jay-Z‘s songs contain too much vulgar language”.


The rapper was scheduled to perform at Shanghai’s Hongkou Stadium on October 23.

Jay-Z told AllHipHop: “I look forward to rescheduling my concert date in Shanghai. This world tour has been a life changing experience and it has only been made better by touching the fans that I am seeing for the first time.”

China is notorious for its heavy censoring of the media and the arts.

Earlier this year, Rolling Stones were permitted to perform in Shanghai on the condition that they dropped five lyrically suggestive songs from their set, including ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Honky Tonk Women’.