Jay Z plans own gangster film?

Rapper may make film version of new album

Jay-Z has said that he plans to make a film to accompany his forthcoming album ’American Gangster’.

He said : “What I really plan to do is shoot [’American Gangster’] as a movie. Like a better ’Streets Is Watching’. Doing it like a musical. Real stories and get somebody in there that’s [going to do] real writing. Someone to shoot it like ’The Godfather’. I know that’s a little ungracious, but that’s how you gotta place it.”

Jay-Z also said that he hoped to tour with the album.

He told All Hip Hop: “I really look forward to touring because of the musicality of it all. I’m looking at a band right now. I’m looking to tour this summer. With all that instrumentation that’s in that album [’American Gangster’] forget about it.”

Ironically, Jay-Z admitted the album was actually inspired by seeing an early cut of new film ‘American Gangster’ which is released in the US in November.

The rapper’s new album is set to be released next year.