Who said he'd retired?...

JAY-Z surprised NEW YORK when he stepped up onstage with American rock band PHISH.

The group were playing their final NY-area concert in Brooklyn’s Coney Island on Friday (June 18), when the collaboration happened.

According to MTV News, after Phish had played the second song of their second set ‘Wilson’, Jay-Z appeared, and the group backed the rapper for the tracks, ’99 Problems’ and ‘Big Pimpin’.

Jay-Z also made a shock performance the following night (June 19) at K-Rock’s annual Dysfunctional Family Picnic. Also in New York, the bill featured The Strokes, [/a] and [a].

[a][/a] closed the show, and the fans had begun to the leave the venue when a voice over the speaker system said that something special was coming up that would “blow [their] f—ing minds”.

The rapper, who has claimed that he is to retire from hip-hop, played ’99 Problems’ again.

As previously reported in NME.COM, Phish also announced last month that they were to spilt, as they would rather bow out than become a “nostalgia act”.