It could be on - but Lil' Romeo has family back-up - his dad's Master P...

A new hiphop feud could be in the offing, this time between JAY-Z and 11-year-old LIL ROMEO – son of the DIRTY SOUTH’s MASTER P.

Last week it was revealed that on his new single ‘H to The Izzo’ Jay-Z has used the same sample from the Jackson Five‘s ‘I Want You Back’ as Lil Romeo has on his Billboard chart topping ‘My Baby’.

However now it appears that Lil Romeo has much to thank Jay-Z for. The pre-teen raps along in his track about all the female attention he has acquired: “…and these lil’ mommys can’t keep their hands off me”. The line bears a striking similarity to Jay-Z‘s ‘I Just Wanna Love U’, where the New York rap king rhymes “Huh, drunk of Crist’, mommy on E/Can’t keep her little model hands off me.”

Spokespeople for both camps could not be reached for comment this afternoon, though it does seem inevitable that this is just the beginning.