The mind boggles. It really does...

R KELLY and Jay-Z have recorded nine songs of what will become an album of duets between the pair.

The record, given a working title of ‘The Best of Both Worlds’, has been recorded in New York and Chicago. The pair have worked together previously, having collaborated on Jay-Z‘s ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’.

Kelly told MTV news: “Me and Jay-Z are in the studio doing an album together. It’s a duet album called ‘The Best of Both Worlds’. We’re trying to put it down in a different way and give people something. We’re, like, nine songs deep. We’ve been talking about it, bragging to each other. If I see him in New York or he’s in Chicago, he’ll come by the studio. We’ve been talking about it for such a long time, bragging about ‘Who’s this in R&B’ and ‘Who’s this in hip-hop,’ so we decided to put it together.”

It is currently unclear when the record will see a release.